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Stakeholder Engagement

From corporations to municipalities we plan, manage, implement and evaluate stakeholder engagement to ensure there is a collaborative effort in appropriate projects.  

  • Our team employs various methods to gather stakeholder feedback and coordinate.

Strategic Advisory & Grants

Policy & Program Development

  • Advocating for special or pilot programs to help achieve your goals.
  • Advocating for national policies that will protect and encourage the continued development of your existing investments in renewable, sustainable or energy efficiency assets.
  • Tracking media/market activities and coordinating with the appropriate regulators, legislators.
  • Tracking activities at the national level.
  • Obtaining awards and other positive acknowledgements regarding your existing renewable energy or energy efficiency programs.

Greener by Design provides ongoing monitoring and advocacy services for governmental policies and activities related to development, redevelopment, energy and sustainability issues at the local, state and national levels.

Funding & Project Facilitation

We bring our deep understanding of the local, state and Federal legislative processes and our relationships with key opinion influencers in the press to bear for our clients through:

  • Identifying state and federal grants, loan and other financial support available to assist in the development of and deployment of renewable, sustainable or energy efficient products.
  • Media and governmental relations tours
  • Release, speech and message crafting
  • Issues-oriented and crisis outreach

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTING --- Providing Specialized Regulatory, Economic and Technical Solutions


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