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Nicholas Nassiff is a Senior Planner with Greener by Design and uses his expertise in resiliency and sustainability planning, infrastructure and real estate development to manage complex planning and development projects with a special focus on resiliency and sustainability planning and implementation. Nicholas leverages his considerable experience in planning and development to effectuate strategies and solutions to complex urban and suburban development and infrastructure issues. He has successfully led municipal master planning and redevelopment planning, providing public testimony to several municipalities around the State of New Jersey and developed and managed affordable and mixed income housing projects. Most recently he successfully led the implementation of HUD CDBG-DR funded Post-Sandy Planning Assistance Grant Program (PSPAGP) and the Regional Planning Assistance Grant with the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, placing $12m in planning grants in 56 municipalities and 4 counties, as well as designed and led efforts to solicit and implement notable technology to address resiliency and sustainability needs identified through the administration of the PSPAG Program.

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