Renewable Energy Advisory

Feasibility evaluations and implementation services include:

  • technology evaluation for a renewable or advanced energy system (solar, wind, geothermal, cogeneration),
  • identification of general site issues (including security), and the
  • identification of size, costs, benefits, and the internal rate of return associated with the project.
  • Monetization and management of tradable credits.
  • Evaluate business structure for the project:

    PPA vs. self-own,
    Manage the procurement process (RFQs, RFPs, contract negotiations.

Greener by Design has strategies for improving your economic, environmental and social performance.

ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTING --- Providing Specialized Regulatory, Economic and Technical Solutions


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Environmental Asset Management

Our proprietary portfolio review program provides the following:

  • Opportunity Scope: Examination of real estate,  depreciable investments and other site and business operations to identify environmental components of those assets.
  • Full Spectrum State and Federal Regulatory Analysis: Comprehensive regulatory and compliance review and advisory services.
  • Depreciation and Replacement Schedule Integration: Integrate depreciation and replacement schedules for portfolio review and analysis.
  • Implementation and Funding Plan: Customize funding alternatives in the carbon credit and offset, and other ancillary markets.

Clean Energy

Microgrid and Resilient Energy System Development and Deployment

Our experience involves working on various projects that include the development of Microgrid systems and Distributed Energy Resources. To access the NJ community Microgrid Planning Academy that was developed by GbD and NJIT, click here. The GbD team assists  clients in scoping, designing, financing and operating intelligent microgrids to provide emergency power to secure vital facilities and critical infrastructure during long term power outages as well as a way to protect public health and welfare.
and government strategy

Energy and Sustainability Auditing
Our Sustainability Program consists of strategies for improving your economic, environmental, and social performance. We will conduct a detailed review and assessment of your facilities and operations.

Greener by Design benchmarks and evaluates the environmental, economic, and social performance of your organization to identify opportunities for cost savings and is the basis for developing an implementation plan to maximize client objectives.